• Your company is facing new challenges. How do you support your managers in their role of helping to shape and drive these developments forwards? How can you encourage the willingness to change among managers and employees?
  • Your company's executive management has developed a new strategy. How can you ensure that your managers communicate and incorporate this in their area of responsibility in such a way that it is supported and implemented by all?
  • Managers focus too much on operative business, while neglecting the supervision of their employees and strategic development. How can you establish a management culture in which managers are aware of their role and fulfil it completely?
  • Your company would not only like its employees to be committed to the development of the company but it would also like to be attractive to young talents. How can you establish a management culture, in which talents can unfold and employees can creatively and enthusiastically contribute?
  • Your company introduces new management techniques such as 360° Feedback. How can you, as senior manager, turn this into a process that benefits both you and your team?

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