"One image can express more than 1,000 words," or as Niklas Luhmann writes, "The metaphor is the key to coping with complexity."

A metaphor is a story or image the consultant uses to support a process.

Metaphors are efficacious since they neither refer to the listener directly, nor do they address or describe his respective problems directly. It is up to the listener to either identify with the characters, problems, events, developments, and solutions of the story or to distance herself from them. That is why telling a story does not cause any resistance within the listener. Stories and images are models. They offer interpretations without pinning the listener down to them. She can draw her own conclusions. The realizations that result from a metaphor are results of the listener's own search and not preconceived notions that are forced upon him.

What we also associate with images or descriptions are emotions, memories, or individual images that by far exceed what is being said or read. In the framework of  working with groups and other forms of communication these elements are stronger than words, are more easily remembered, and affect our level of emotionally-driven actions and attitudes.

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