The rate of change is accelerating. Change processes once initiated are often not completed, as the next change already seems necessary. As a result, change is therefore becoming an increasingly important management responsibility that is becoming a matter of course in our day-to-day work.*)

companies todayChanging our attitudes and how we think is the single greatest hurdle to the successful and sustainable implementation of change projects, even more so than the scarcity of resources and considerable more so than technology and processes.**)

Due to change fatigue, changes are often only implemented at a formal level. In other words, the organisation only does what is absolutely necessary. The old state is reproduced in a slightly different form. This is why the change is often unable to develop its beneficial effect.

In our experience there are three principle challenges that have to be overcome:

  1. To maintain one's own credibility in a constantly changing environment
  2. To win people over for the planned change and root it within the company
  3. To devote time and energy to the change process in order to make accrued added value tangible and measurable.

*) 2010 Change Management study, Cap Gemini

**) Making Change Work – IBM study from 2007

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