Changing Companies – Case Example 1

A foreign group acquired a service company. The board of directors hired us in order to support them to regain the trust and engagement of the employees. Duration of the process: two years.

The process:

  1. We conducted qualitative interviews with a representative sample of employees.
  2. We delivered the results to the board of directors who reacted with great concernment. In order to better and more illustratively convey the results, we transmuted the main messages into cartoons.
  3. The results (statements and cartoons) were presented to all employees during a half-day large group event which provided a platform for discussion after the presentation. The employees saw this as a clear sign of a new corporate culture ("We never expected such candor and that they would have the courage to reflect even the critical results")
  4. The results of the discussion and the ideas for improvement that effected from the large group event were collected and integrated into defined improvement projects. The management of the projects was in the hands of young employees showing high potential. The team members were eligible to apply for participation and organized themselves in mini-workshops with various work loads and tasks within the framework of the project. The project managers reported directly to the board of directors and received support and training for their new assignment.
  5. The results of the project teams were communicated to all employees in regular time intervals: an internet platform was installed, including a discussion forum. The chairman of the board answered questions personally. Info-boards and market booths came into existence and were updated regularly. Related issues were addressed during every big meeting (e.g. management meetings, workforce meetings, etc.). New results were presented and particular aspects were highlighted and worked on.
  6. The senior management developed a vision and company principles which was also communicated to all employees. In order to implement the vision, a multitude of personnel development measures was taken.
  7. Today the company has successfully established itself on the market.

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